Thursday, 15 August 2013

Due to THE EVENT,  Earth's time clock has been frozen at 1987. The world has been flooded, rendering land obsolete. Society floats on the ocean's surface, struggling to right itself after an apocalypse that no one can remember... 

But struggling is for zeeks. Being dry is way over-rated and if you wanna go where the action's at you'd better strap on an oxygen tank and hit the seabed. Wanchors follows the exploits of three full-time slackers who ditch their surface-dwelling folks to live free and easy in a mine at the bottom of the ocean. Desperate to be cool, Preston, Chad and Shrimp take every opportunity to pound beers, hunt out parties and hit on chicks; inevitably resulting in bruised faces, balls and egos, respectively. So if you're lookin' for a primo time, grab some cinderblocks and jump in. Just don't hold your breath.


Preston Reeves
Excitable and immature, Preston bases his existence around the three P's -- partyin', prankin' and 'proachin chicitas. Shamelessly self-agrandizing, Preston will regularly tell tales of his half-Cherokee heritage and Shaolin training to anybody who doesn't ask. Preston spends his spare time watching Kung Fu re-runs and reading up on new pick up artist tricks -- unfortunately for him his irritating nature means no girl would ever 'proach him, regardless of how many different colognes he mixes together. Preston revels in his new underwater life, enjoying the freedom from his smothering parents and the delicious fishy paste that appears mysteriously on the interior walls of the mine.

Chad Nelson
The stoic tough guy of the trio, Chad's always ready for action, whether or not he can find it. Chad likes to think that his ability to pound beers and pound faces is unmatched but in reality both drinking and fighting tend to leave him face down in his own bodily fluids. Chad's brooding, serious nature makes him the prime target for most of Preston's pranks. He takes this in his stride, knowing the true source of the fishy residue that Preston finds so irresistible. Besides, Chad knows that he could destroy him with his nunchucks if he wanted -- and he totally wouldn't smack himself in the balls this time. 

Shrimp La Mer
Half French-Canadian, half-bass, Shrimp is arguably the coolest of the gang due to his contacts with other happenin' fish folk and his natural sub-aquatic charms. Having been ridiculed at surface high school for his fishy smell and saltwater headbrace, Shrimp happily reaps the benefits of underwater life suddenly being hip by impressing surface chicks with his seabed street smarts. Shrimp attends Pacific State College, where he studies business and economics with a 0% attendance record. He is the only member of the trio who regularly scores with girls -- however, the ones he picks tend to be monstrous lady-fish hybrids and his nights of passion often leave a layer of post-coital spawn all over the inside of the mine.


Shrimp promises to make Chad and Preston's first night in the deep one to remember but, after losing the address to his bro's primo blowout, things take a turn for the bizarre.

Wanchors Episode 2 -- Gang Fight
After being dissed while hitting on chicks in a 7-11 car park, Preston pulls the Wanchors into a hardcore gang fight over a girl's honour.

Wanchors Episode 3 -- Curse
The Wanchors wake up after a hard night of partying to discover that Chad's been cursed with a flaming skull head. Unable to kick it without the curse killing everyone's buzz, the guys retrace their steps to undo the spell and reinstate themselves as the undefeated party kings.